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Explore how our Gen AI-powered chatbot seamlessly integrates into your website, enhancing customer satisfaction and efficiency in real-time.

Create a bot with Chat iQ

Imagine never losing another sale due to unanswered questions. Welcome to the future of customer service.

How to add more knowledge into iQMemoryBank

Bring all of your knowledge base to chat iQ and let our chatbot help your customers answer better.

How to customize the bot for your brand

Make the chatbot like you wanted, customize, add image and others to look familiar to your brand.


The Brain Behind Your Bot

Centralize your product and service information in iQMemoryBank, giving your chatbot the knowledge it needs to respond to customer queries with confidence.

Unlock the Power of Your Raw Data

Transform unstructured PDFs into valuable insights, empowering your chatbot to deliver accurate and informed responses.

Integrate your website data instantly

Seamlessly integrate data from public URLs, empowering your chatbot with a broader knowledge base for precise and comprehensive customer interactions.


Seamless Chat Integration Made Easy

Enhance Your Website with a Gen AI powered bot, Now Just a Copy-and-Paste Away.

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Extend Your WordPress Ecosystem

Supercharge your WordPress site with our robust native plugin. Engage users like never before with Chat iQ.

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Boundless Integration, Limitless Possibilities

Seamlessly integrate our powerful chat widget across Webflow and Shopify powered by Google Drive, Notion, and 50+ platforms. Converge conversations, converge experiences.

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Chat iQ harnesses the latest breakthroughs in generative AI, enabling natural, intelligent, and contextually relevant conversations that adapt seamlessly to your users' needs, taking chat experiences to unprecedented levels.

OCR-Powered PDF Parsing

Chat iQ employs advanced OCR tech to accurately extract text and data from uploaded PDF documents. This enables seamless extraction of your content into the iQMemoryBank.

Unstructured Data Ingestion

Experience the transformative power of unstructured data ingestion. Start harnessing the insights locked within PDFs and webpages to answer your customers precisely.

Lead Acquisition, Reimagined

Collect valuable customer data and insights, gather your lead priming your pipeline for future conversions.

Always-On Support - 24/7

Chat iQ ensures round-the-clock availability, providing your customers with instant support and assistance anytime they need.


Your brands language Welcome message to reflect your brand's personality and values, say goodbye to generic greetings and hello

Analytics Insights

Unlock valuable insights, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your chatbot's performance for maximum impact.

Conversation Threads

Keep track of past conversations with ease using our conversation threads feature, ensuring seamless continuity and personalized interactions for every user.



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  • 1 Chat Bot Creation
  • 500 Messages/Month
  • 10 Web Pages Scraping
  • 3 Document Ingestion
  • Limited Customer Support
    & E-Mail Support
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  • 3 Chat Bot Creation
  • 3000 Messages/Month
  • 20 Web Pages Scraping
  • 10 Documents Ingestion
  • Limited Customer Support
    & E-Mail Support
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per month

  • 10 Chat Bot Creation
  • 6000 Messages/Month
  • Unlimited Web Pages Scraping
  • Unlimited Document Ingestion
  • 24 X 7 Customer Support
    & E-Mail Support
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Enterprise Edition

Make your own custom plan and we'll guide you through the pricing.

10000 Messages / Month

Integrate Chat iQ with your existing CRM system to streamline your customer interactions and improve sales efficiency.

Integrate your ERP system seamlessly with Chat iQ to enhance your workflow efficiency.

Host Chat iQ on your own servers to maintain control and security.

Leverage our REST API to integrate Chat iQ with your custom solutions seamlessly.

Integrate Chat iQ with your current support or customer service tools for better efficiency.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Chat iQ?

Chat iQ is a chatbot platform designed to help businesses automate customer interactions and provide efficient support.

Does it support all languages?

Yes, Chat iQ supports multiple languages to cater to a global audience.

Do I need to know code to use Chat iQ?

No, Chat iQ is designed to be user-friendly and does not require coding knowledge to set up and use.

Will I be able to embed the chatbot into my website?

Yes, Chat iQ provides easy embedding options to integrate the chatbot into your website.

Can multiple team members in my organization manage my chatbots?

Yes, Chat iQ allows multiple team members to manage chatbots, ensuring collaborative and efficient management.

What websites can I embed my chat widget on?

You can embed your Chat iQ widget on any website that supports HTML embedding, including popular platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace.

Can you build an integration for me to use this tool for my business?

Yes, our team can help build custom integrations to ensure Chat iQ works seamlessly with your business tools and processes.

What does a message in your pricing plan mean?

A message in our pricing plan refers to any interaction or communication sent via the chatbot, including user queries and chatbot responses.

Can your chatbot read multiple website links?

Yes, Chat iQ can be configured to read and interact with multiple website links to provide comprehensive support and information to users.

What file formats can your chatbot read?

Chat iQ can read various file formats, including PDF, DOCX, and Images, to assist users with different types of documents.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, Chat iQ offers a free forever plan so you can explore its features and benefits before making a commitment.

What makes Chat iQ different from other chatbot solutions?

Unlike traditional chatbots, Chat iQ harnesses the power of Generative AI, enabling it to understand and respond to user queries with remarkable accuracy and context awareness. By simply providing your website URLs and relevant PDF documents, Chat iQ swiftly generates a customized chatbot tailored to your business needs, making it incredibly easy and efficient to deploy and manage.

How does Chat iQ leverage website URLs and documents to enhance its capabilities?

Chat iQ leverages website URLs and documents to gain valuable insights into the products and services offered by you. By analyzing this content, Chat iQ comprehensively understands the context surrounding your offerings, enabling it to provide accurate and relevant responses to user inquiries.

Can I create a chatbot with Chat iQ even if I'm not a technical expert?

Absolutely! Chat iQ is designed with simplicity in mind, allowing users to create and deploy a chatbot in minutes without requiring any technical expertise. Our intuitive platform guides you through the process, from adding your website URLs and PDF documents to embedding them to your website, deployment is now just a copy paste away.

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